Pressure washing the concrete around and including the facade of a commercial location can increase customer foot traffic and make the work environment more appealing to employees. Getting a quality cleaning from professionals can increase sales and improve customer satisfaction. The Concrete Philosopher has all of the tools and an expert crew aiming to get your commercial concrete cleaning done right and looking great!

The Concrete Philosopher is ready to preserve every decorative concrete masterpiece of your dreams. Maybe it's a pattern-stamped pool deck or patio, an interlocking paver driveway, an acid-stained floor, or an exposed-aggregate walkway.

Protecting and properly maintaining that concrete will keep it looking spectacular for many years to come while extending its service life. And even if the surface begins to show wear after years of exposure to traffic and the environment, you can often restore its original beauty with special cleaning, stain removal, and polishing products.

Our Process

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We create a clear and cost effective plan with our client, highlighting pros and cons of the job while also communicating our processes in easily understood terms..

Implementing our work procedures with efficiency and safety; all while making sure our clients have the best possible noise/dust reduction as we work in your residence or business.

We hold our employees to a high standard of excellence and professionalism. We offer our clients a 5 year warranty on all of our workmanship to ensure that the job gets done right, the first time.

Please take time to review our work and our products. Our testimonials speak for themselves. Ask around about us! When you are ready, please give us a call.